wor(l)ds apart

Rob has been writing some clear and precise posts about adlands problems..

Yet the core problem and possible solution seem simple, almost trivial (so most likely wrong). The industry has become one focused on Ideas of Succession, instead of Ideas of Progress.

The former is ” the act or process of following in order or sequence”, while the latter is focused on “A moving or going forward; a proceeding onward; an advance”.

Both have valid reasons for being, commercial value and require creativity/teamwork and effort. Yet one of them has time working against it, but until that time has run out it provides stable revenue and efficiency of scale and stability.

The other buys you more time, by letting past structures behind and looking for the next thing to become an idea of succession. More risk, less pay-off, but a chance for a seat at the table, because you are building the table.

Trick is indentifying what kind of work you are doing, so you can start planning for the inevitable change needed for things to remain sort of the same.

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