The D in Dollar stands for Details

This is the stuff that makes me smile. As we were walking around the West Village in NYC we spotted this clothing shop.

What caught our eye was actually the dress you see above. Flowing, breathing and showing us how it would work when a woman puts it on. We went inside and if I am not mistaken we left with some purchases.

Of all the shops on the road this one caught our attention by knowing that just showing dresses like the rest, might not be enough to entice. One simple portable fan strategically placed, made all the difference.

Looking around, identifying conventions and breaking them in audience relevant ways is still the cheapest way to make a big impact.


Running bad ads only helps you run your business into the ground

Continental Inflight Magazine: One page, four educational institutions, I am guessing four different agencies and yet the same pitch: variations on “do it for you”. Personal growth, beating the competition, or showing that you are equal (at least) to the boys.

Why even bother? Why waste time and money briefing your agency, buying mediaspace, and running the ad, when the end product show nothing but general lazy thinking?

What if it is not about me the individual? What if I am from a culture that values, for instance, collective well-being over individual achievement?

Given the major demographic (and in the case of the usa cultural as well) changes brands are going to be faced with and are facing now, brands realise that not all people react to the same stimuli (just even writing this makes me want to puke).

Most societies are filled with people from divers backrounds that hide many latent cultures, ambitions and fears that can trigger and activate them, if approached in the right way.

The sooner brands realise this,the sooner they will realise that they are leaving a shitload of money on the table that can never be compensated by the savings of running generic ads.

artist state of mind beats state of the art tools

As seen at Frankfurt Airport. Books that help you learn a foreign language by turning the learning into a “Who-done-it” novel. Best bit of gamification I’ve come across in a long time.

Yes new tools (slowly) change cultural practices of people. Yes we should be aware of the new. No, we should not jump on all bandwagons that come along.

In times of increasing technological development, decreasing time to explore its uses and potential, and evergrowing fear by people (both in business and just as citizens) of missing out on the latest trend, we should not forget that looking at what is already in use with a fresh pair of eyes can be just as effective (even more so if all the others are not doing anything with it)…

no obstacle but love: fin

I heard a story about this rapper Brian Williams, aka Baby. With his brother he runs Cash Money Records. Legend has it that when he started out in the music industry, he replaced his original teeth with golden teeth and got tattoos on the most visible parts of his body (neck lower arms).

It was his way of telling himself and the world that there was no turning back. He had to make it in the life he had chosen, because the ‘normal’ world would sure as shit not have him, looking like he did.

I’ve never listened to much of his music, but I have started to get his message. Getting what it means to want more than you have been given, that just because you start out somewhere somehow, it does not mean you have to end up there, the same.

And getting that there are no guarantees. That just because you want it, it will be given. Change is possible, it just might not be the way you want.

I have been given a glimpse of what might and actually could happen. But with that glimpse came the question ‘what if..’

What if you try? What if you fail? What if it turns out different to what you expect? What if…you don’t do anything?

You just have to ask yourself what is easier to live with: failing or not knowing?

So here is to the future. As you said: It is time. And as the other you said: we owe it to us to find out.